Musa Mudde (left) of Bandari FC battles for the ball with Daniel Otieno (right) of Muhoroni Youth FC

Fan ZoneĀ 

The bandari fc fans have expressed delight in the team, they have shown power and love for the game and the team. We have seen fans travel from Mombasa to see the team play in Nairobi, this spirit, this valour and love for the team has got us amazed and full of gratitude.

In popular Facebook post, our fans post pictures, video with thousands of shares and like, they are fully behind the team.

The fans are our thirteenth player and we are grateful for them for all the love and passion they have show, in return we have decided to give them prizes, gifts and massive love for we love them too.

When asked about the team, the fans replied ” Be afraid, Be Very afraid of this Bandari Team!” this is some show of confidence and for that we are gratefull.

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