Dockers bounce back to winning ways.

Dockers came back to Mbaraki yearning for a win and the lads did not disappoint. A brace from William Wadri and A David Kingatua goal were enough to see Sony Sugar away at Mbaraki.

Wadri has been outstanding today, his maiden start did not disappoint, he delivered what was expected of him, the combination of Felly Mulumba our captain and Bernard Odhiambo also continued with the clean sheet as well as Faruk Shikhalo keeping the net in order as it was left.

I have to commend Fred Nkata, the lad has been nothing but outstanding, his form has been increasing and indeed a regular contributor to the team.

Wambani and Agade have been outstanding so far, the duo is one to watch, Oyoo is definitely setting the pace and making sure that the oponents did not create chance by overlapping…

Bandari displayed a great game, creating chances and winning all the possessive action of the match.

This week has been a great week for the lads, and this great performance lands them third in the Kenyan premier League.

It was expected of the lads and the lads did not disappoint.

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