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In my few days as an IT specialist, I always thought Mr. Edward Oduor was just a passionate fan of our team. Edward Oduor is just a calm quite man from a distance, he hardly noticed me and i never noticed him, we stared glances and he just looked at me without words.

Little did i know He was the CEO of the team, Mr. Edward was known to me a day i much have respect to him, You see on this day i ran into a little trouble and guese who came to help me out, It was our CEO!

On the days i have Known him, Edward is very passionate about the team, He is always just thinking on the next move that will make the team better, when you sit with him theirs is an ooze of wisdom from his mouth, What is outstanding from Mr. Edu is that he is always passionate about youth growth in the team! You see the likes of Mohamed Siraj, Lugogo, Hassan, Tyrone and msagha !!? Those are all projects of Mr. Edu!

One time he told me in the future Bandari will be a club all of Africa is envious of, i have grown to see this in my first season with the team. He has allowed growth of technology in the team by adding staff like me, giving us an opportunity to make the team evolve forward with technology.

His plans and wisdom has seen Bandari killing giants and making Bandari a beast that is feared by any opponent that will suffice in front of us, with this kind of leadership, Bandari is definitely going to make a mark in the world all over soon enough as it already is making front paper news!

Today, is his birthday and here at Bandari we all celebrate the brain that is our CEO Mr. Edward Oduor, a true comrade of the team a legend in the making, a great family man and a pioneer in sportsmanship.

May God grant you long life and may we have you as our leader and continue to prosper in you leadership for many years to come!


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