The Lads are enjoying a great run this Season. They are at the top of the food chain, All has been great this year, we have built a reputable team, a great squad and great compilation of results.

We currently are at the top three spot. We enjoy the view from the top. Bandari face AFC Leopards next, this Saturday at the heart of Machakos for the great encounter with a fierce rival.

The Lads are looking for a win. Hunger for goals is evident in the camp, having demolished Kakamega Homeboys in our last Match, the Lads will be looking to continue that run of form.

Our new Coach is marching forward with a win from Homeboys and has nothing else set in his mind other than to deliver the next three points.

Darius Msagha is indeed in the squad, Msagha has been enjoying a great spell of games this past few months and he is definitely one that you should be looking at amongst our stars upfront.

Felly Mulumba has been outstanding, goals and saves as well as delivering the much needed leadership in the squad, Felly is a tower at the back and he is the answer to the troublesome Leopards attack, He and his comrades enjoy the best defense of the Kenyan Premier League.

Star man Faruk is also in the squad. Faruk has enjoyed 14 clean sheets this season, the best in the league and a phenomenal performance in our clubs History. He has maintained a good safe play at the back, earning him two caps with the National side.

We have a lot of great stuff to say, thus everyday we shall be building up to this great match with facts and throw backs.

You can see the Match live on Tv, Viusasa as well as Live on our Facebook page. See you soon and wish the Lads a safe trip. See you soon

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