Midday Sunday.

The lads will go hunting, hunting for a canivorous mammal otherwise feared by Swimmers. Sharks are good swimmers on the Ball and sharks can hurt you if you aren’t careful. But sharks are not as great as you think in the hands of the Dockers, in the Coastal city of Mombasa, Sharks are a delicacy!

We are hungry, the boys are hungry! We have gathered all the necessary weapons we need to hunt us some Sharks. Siraj Mohammed has got all the Tomatoes we need for the stew, Abdalla is an Onion monger, we need tears to drown the Shark, Agade will be steering from the middle of the soup.

Fred Nkata will be cutting and chopping all the Shark pieces today, Yes, in deed we need to eat us some Shark soup.

Statistical analysis

We have never managed a win against Shark. But what a better time to get it now, we have better reception at 3 points ahead of the Kariobangi based side. We have a better squad now, and much depth in the squad. We rank slightly higher in Possession than sharks this season, with a 61% possession percentage as compared to 60% rate of our counterpart. We have a higher defense prowess as compared to Sharks with a 0.2% concessions as 1.6% concession rate of the sharks on average game plays. Sharks rank eighth as we rank a bit higher at fifth with three points ahead of the Sharks, we have so far done well and Bandari is a name that Shakes even the seas now.

We enjoy six players in the National team as equal to Sharks. Sharks enjoy a possession game, building from the Back which is a great attribute of the Dockers, on paper both teams are equally matched. This is going to be a great game, full of action and suspense.

Let’s go hunt some Sharks.

We are Dockers

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