Bandari Football Club,
Would like to, in the strongest words possible refute the claims circulating in the media about our Goalkeeper Faruk Shikhalo.

The claims that negotiations by both clubs and the player are ongoing are malicious, untrue, and lack base.

Our CEO Mr. Edward Oduor in an interview was clear that Bandari is ambitious and wants to do better than last season and hence has no chance in selling its best players, which is evident from the number of players retained in the club from last season and the few acquisitions for this season.

Faruk is a great goalkeeper and it’s normal for him to get interest from other clubs, but for now he is happy and focused on playing for Bandari and serving its Ambition.

We urge all sports media houses to report factual information that is official from the club. Whatever has been reported (stated above) seems designed to destabilize both the club as well as the player.

No media house tried to get the correct information from the club nor the player and such bias reporting puts the player and club officials in an awkward situation.

In a nutshell,

1. Faruk Shikhalo is not linked with any move at the moment and no bid has been received formaly. He is fully focused and patriotic to the club.

2. All media quotes supporting the move are all fake.

3. Bandari Fc remains focused on growth and development of our players, we welcome any interest of our players but in the right channels. We as a club also support accurate reporting of both our players and club’s activities.

Wilson Oburu Obungu,
Team Manager
Bandari Fc.

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