Everyone can remember and appreciate the Pelés, Ronaldos, Maradonas, Zidanes and Shearers during their primes, and that merit goes beyond warrant.

But it is more of a task to identify with pin-point precision the type of footballer and impact a young Ronaldo or Maradona or any contemporary star would project to be in the future.

When Wayne Rooney developed in Everton’s youth academy, how many expected the immense growth in talent and productivity that the England international has demonstrated fully now with Manchester United?

Or when Lionel Messi was a mere youngster with Barcelona’s academy, was it anticipated that the 5’7″ magician could be crowned as the world’s best player?

There will always be a litany of starlets waiting for their chance to explode onto the football world. Some may crash and burn before the dream becomes a reality, while others will take the reigns and ride to the top.

Here are the top 3 rising stars of world football in Kenya.

The coastal football scene has seen a rise in names of the football world. In the local dailies, constant names have been appearing and praise to certain youngsters in the game has been amazing. We have seen news and rumors from as far as Swedish clubs seek services of these young stars!

We have been proud to host these much hyped stars, Bandari has been in the forefront in the investment of youth and with them getting regular game time, their time to shine is certainly now, Today with views from Our master tactician Ken Odhiambo, Here are the list

Siraj Mohammed,

He’s young and he’s growing, and this league the KPL the best place to foster that growth!

Siraj hails from Bamburi area in Coast of Kenya, He is fast, tactical and he has a big Aura of confidence in his game, the young defender is fast growing and has had interest from all over the world with unconfirmed rumors that a Swedish outfit is eyeing his signature.

The soon-to-be 20-year old has shown flashes of his brilliance on the biggest stage that Kenya has to offer at an early level, and if he translates that on a move to top flight football where virtually every facet of the game is many levels better, one can only wonder how far the native Coasterian can go!

It is still early to see what kind of career Siraj projects to have, but with the KPL Rookie of the Year already under his belt, there is no doubt that the 5’7″ winger has a bright future ahead of him and Bandari is the right place to be to become that player.

 Wilberforce Lugogo,

The 20-year old Lugogo is a versatile midfield roamer with a good striker’s mentality. In this full season with Bandari, the youngsters has shown his worth, but has loads of room for development.

Lugogo is a midfield maestro, He has amazing turnings, classy passes and a touch of class

With the National team itself having had its eye on the 6’11” midfielder, the interest in the young midfielder only looks to increase with his time in at the core of Bandari.

Though Lugogo currently is one of the youngest squad member listed on our sides selection, he is one of the up and coming players to watch on the international stage and the KPL

Darius Msagha,

Quick and light both describe the 5’10” winger from Coast, although Msagha has the proper skill set to move into a striker’s role.

But in the Kenyan Premier League where strength is almost a requirement inside the box, Msagha has little of it. Where his power and physicality lack, his dribbling skills and acceleration make up he fits perfectly at the wings, Msagha is one player who can dribble past six or seven players, he once scored a brilliant scissor kick at The mbaraki which left everyone in uttermost amazement!

Msagha has suited up multiple times for National youth squads, but a recent selection to Kenya’s senior squad may mean that the speedy winger is set to pursue an international career with the dockers and stars.

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